Wednesday, September 30, 2009

BPN 1385 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (10)

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Newstin is the largest news database in the world with up to 250,000 articles processed daily, comprising over 100 million and 5 billion metadata items. Newstin’s mission is to help corporate and government clients optimize intelligence and improve performance management by providing fully automated news and data categorization solutions in all the major world languages. Newstin technology is a unique system that features multi-language and cross-language document categorization. It is a powerful engine which harnesses a variety of cutting-edge technologies and implements linguistic processing with semantic analysis, multi-tier content categorization and cross-language taxonomy structures. With 2 million users globally, Newstin patented technology has the potential to become a core platform
for organizing any form of unstructured textual data.

Newstin’s innovative technology of real-time content organization allows for the creation of the world’s largest categorized news database, working in 11 world languages, and for other possible applications that require powerful searching and indexing tools and data mining capabilities. It is thus not just a news application, but an effective tool for business intelligence and enterprise performance management. Newstin is an ideal gateway into the world of news or other categorized data from all over the world — no longer is the user dependent on citation-based crawling tools and catalogues or forced to visit specialized resources to obtain the global view. Newstin helps users overcome language barriers and allows to receive an unbiased, but full world view, without the interference of “noise” and/or bias introduced by search optimizers.

Newstin a.s.
Frank Vrabel
Julius Rusnak
Peter Zajac
Vladimir Meier
Petra Novakova
Czech Republic
Arabic, Chinese, Czech,
English, French, German,
Italian, Korean, Spanish,
Portuguese and Russian
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