Saturday, September 26, 2009

BPN 1381 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (6)

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CELL-Centre for Experiential Learning

CELL-Centre for Experiential Learning is a multimedia and interactive learning
environment for medical practitioners, which delivers effective and engaging
learning projects in accordance with the latest andragogy principles. The training
centre exploits new technologies supporting natural interaction and new media
applications within the medical and scientific fields, offering physical settings for
clinical simulations and thereby promotes the active participation of physicians in
their vocational training. Interactive virtual reality theatres, virtual desks and
clinical simulations are part of the wide range of methods and tools available in
order to train and test medical and paramedical personnel. CELL creates a unique
learning environment where the excitement of being involved in a new and
meaningful experience favours learning and the intake of information.

CELL represents excellence in the field of e-Learning for health and radically
transforms conventional continuing education and refresher courses for medical
practitioners. It introduces comprehensive cutting edge e-Learning facilities using
the added value of digital technologies for the needs of e-Health. Users are
"immersed" in highly realistic simulations enabling more powerful learning
mechanisms. To learn by doing or testing with the support of a qualified tutor is
for sure one of the most significant achievements of a creative use of ICT. Stateof-
the-art technologies, content and learning methods converge to make training
solutions effective. CELL represents an ice breaking solution in this sector, a
relevant case study and a significant advance in both in e-Health and e-Learning.

Luca Quareni
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