Sunday, March 05, 2006

The morning after the TTA Gala

The Sunday morning was nice in Vienna. It had snowed in the night. From our hotel room, close to the Sissy place of Schonbrunn we looked out over a court yard with a fountain covered with snow. But as it was the last day in Vienna, we had to pack up. That is usually a problem after the festival, as we take all kind of materials such as catalogues and DVDs for promotion purposes of our regional competition

A look at the Schonbrunn Palace grounds from the hotel

The morning after is always difficult. It takes some time for people to get started. So I started the meeting as chairperson with a few people and gradually the group grew. The group existed of members of the European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM), members of the EADiM Academic Network and some of the Top Talent Professors. It looks like people from various directions, but the group is more homogenous that you would think. EADiM is a kind of supporting group to the Europrix activities. The EADiM Academic Network consists mainly of professors, teachers and instructors in multimedia. The Top Talent Professors are a logical extension of this group.

We started the meeting by reviewing the Gala, the activities of the last days and the VociNet workshop. There were a lot of comments. But one of the most remarkable requests was to start a database of students work. This would be a real resource for researchers and lecturers. We will have to think about it together with ICNM and find the money. Bad thing is always, that we think it is a good idea, but are unable to get the money together. Just look at the idea which I dubbed Channel Gold. ICNM has executed national, European and worldwide competitions since 1998. Together with the related competitions such as the and the competition in Slovakia and Slovenia (a competition in Bulgaria is being set up by Basscom), ICNM has had more than 3.000 qualified entries from 168 countries. Just imagine that you put this online for research by students and academia, a sample database for professionals and a demonstration database for the general public. Such a database would be a showcase for the digital creative industry. Of course you would have to wrap the database into a good portal with an IPTV channel, where you could show the TTA gala or the ceremonies in the Netherlands, Slovakia or Slovenia. But where do you find the money?

Well it is back to the desk and finding solutions.

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