Saturday, March 11, 2006

TTA category Content Tools & Interface Design

This category is about powerful content tools, content management systems and technological innovations concerning new methods in interface design. There were 34 entries from11 countries. In this category 3 projects were nominated.

- Coeno One – Jakob Leitner, FH Hagenberg (AUT)
- Supreme Auction – Carlo Blatz, Powerflasher GmbH (GER)
- Virtual Air Guitar – Teemu Mäki-Patola, Helsinki University of Technology (FIN)

Coeno One is a workflow project. It has the potential to transform the way how people share ideas in the workplace. It is a collaboration application with an augmented table-top for presentations and discussions. Participants can drag data from their laptop onto the the table or a wall for projection. Coeno One shows the creative potential of a digital workspace.

Supreme Auction enableds the creation, administration and direct transfer of eBay items to the e-Bay website for private and business traders. Instead of hit and miss, sellers can easily advertise their products with classy presentations, which should revitalise the auction service. It should take eBay out of the garage sales atmosphere.

Virtual Air Guitar offers an inspiring way to experience music and get that rock star feeling within seconds. Get your orange gloves on and let the audience believe that you are Jimi Hendrix. The distance between the gloves determines the the note and moving the hand along the imaginary guitar neck creates a slide.It is a real fun application.

The winner in this category was Coeno One, as it was quite innovative. The virtual Air Guitar did not make it to the top of the category, despite its amusement value.

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