Friday, March 10, 2006

TTA category Interactive Computer Graphics

This category is the third most sought category in terms of entries; for this year the organisation received 59 entries from 23 countries. The description of the category is exciting: it explores visually explosive contents transforming reality and seducing users into virtual worlds of cyber world narratives. So given the quantity of entries and the quality expected, it is remarkable that there were only two nominations. So the jury was not impressed with all the work.

Nomination in the category Interactive Computer Graphics:
Randart DNS – Christian Male, FH Salzburg Studiengang MultiMediaArt (AUT) Strip Generator – Ziga Aljaz, Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana (SLO)

Randart DNS looks like a high quality graphic art generator, which delivers a funky poster one time and an intricate tattoo the next time.. The producer has researched the history of graphics and developed mathematical formulas which create unique and striking graphic designs every time. Randart DNS is designed by a student of Fachhochschule Salzburg, an upcoming centre of design. Last year they partook in the category games with beautiful graphics.

Always wanted to be a famous cartoonist? Well there is now the strip generator. It provides you will tools and graphics, while you create the content on the storyboard. No drawing skills are required, just an idea or a message. It is such a brilliant idea. I remember that when I was in boarding school I loved to draw cartoons, but my drawing skills were not outstanding. Yet, I managed to create a monk and made a cartoon with this figure. I will have to try again with the Strip Generator. Come to think of it, the Strip Generator would be a perfect machine for kids to make their own strip of Miffy by Dick Bruna.

The winner in the category was Strip Generator. To me, if I were a juror, the project would have been in close competition with the winner Guitar Shred Show.

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