Monday, March 06, 2006

TTA category Broadband/Online

There were 84 projects from 23 countries entered in this category. Eventually 3 nominations were selected:
- Amazing Croatian Fauna - Gorjan Agacevic, Design studio (R)evolution from (Croatia);
- Glassbox – Emmanuel Fréard, Paris 8 University (France);
- Guitar Shred Show – Mika Tyyskä, Lahti Polytechnic, Institute of Design (Finland).

As the nominations in this category concern themselves with online and specifically with broadband all entries can be viewed by the blog reader him/herself.

Amazing Croatian Fauna is a kind of a National Geographic site on Fauna in Croatia. It is a site with amazing photographs and movies about fauna. I had already seen this site as it was entered for the World Summit Award in 2005 and again selected as one of the five prize winners.

Glassbox is a very minimalist site. There are just a few lines which by moves of the mouse transpire into objects. The site has been made for the art gallery Glassbox. The site is arty and stylish. It leans on a tradition of French projects using minimalism as a departing point to bring a system in the chaos.

The Finnish project Guitar Shred Show is entertaining and interactive with attractive graphics, animations, interaction and of course rich music. Users play an active role in creating music by interacting with the keyboard or composing their own score. Even a five year old will react to the music by pressing the keyboard.

Guitar Shred Show was chosen as the absolute winner of this category, the overall winner and the winner of the Europrix Music Fusion Award, a triple whammie and a first in the history of Europrix.

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