Monday, March 20, 2006

My Blog Influence

Last night I was pointed to Blog Influence by the blog Dutch Cowboys. Blog Influence is a site, where you can fill in the URL of your blog. Then the site starts spitting all kind of data, including a mathematical formula. The first group of data tells you something about Bloglinking, Post linking, Weblinking, Subscribers and Page ranking. Then come the big formula which shows the result of the formula with the blog influence meter. There are two more sections: graphs of Ice Rocket, Blog Pulse and Touchgraph as well as Buzz with Technorati, Technorati, Google blog search, Blogpulse, Ice Rocket, Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and

The section you look at first is the section with the Blog Influence Meter. It presents a ranking to you, but funny enough you do not know what it means. In the case of Buziaulane the Blog Influence Meter tells 224. Is this high in the order of 1 to 1000, for example or is it low. A typical case of a glass half full with water. Buziaulane should be compared with Slashdot, Engadget, Official Google Blog, Search Engine Watch Blog and Buzz Machine. Slashdot scores 3461370.6, while Buzz Machine gets the figure 1513144.8. My conclusion Buziaulane scores low. I should have more Bloglinking, Postlinking and especially Weblinking and subscribers.

I compared the results to another blog, I run: Content Market Monitor. It is more a newsletter than a blog, but it is promoted in digest form as a blog. Her the Blog Influence Meter was on 1, with only 1 weblinking and 0 pageranks.

It is an interesting approach. However the question is whether the linkings and the references are all processed. While I write daily a blog and tag my blogs since this year, Technorati or Ice Rocket refer only to a few blogs. The base for the selection is unclear. Whether it would help to boost the Blog Influence Meter is another matter. As I said it is an interesting approach, but whether it is the right approach?

It is like the site Business Opportunities Weblog. When I key in the URL of Buziaulane it generates the result: Your blog,, is worth $7,903.56. Wish I could cash this amount today. Again,it is a nice fantasy blog tool.

My blog is worth $7,903.56.
How much is your blog worth?

Well, after this electronic self-abuse, I should return the daily chores and no longer dream of influence and money.

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