Monday, March 13, 2006

TTA category Cross-Media

In the category Cross-Media projects are entered that are based on the use of many media (web, telephone, TV. Mobile, DVD etc.) for flexibility, media adequacy and high usability. This definition by the organisation is of course as debatable s every other definition of Cross-Media. In this formulation the multi-channel aspect is stressed. In the category were 36 projects entered from 18 countries.

Jumping Rope – Orna Portugaly, Daphna Talithman & Sharon Younger, Camera Obscura School of Art (ISR)MEMORY – Martin Bricelj, KD CodeEp (SLO)Mirror_SPACE – Brigitta Zics, Academy of Media Arts Cologne (GER / UK)

Jumping rope is an old kids’ game. This project has taken it up to produce virtually jumping rope. The two people turning the rop are projected on two screens, while the people who have to pick up the rhythm of the rope stand in the middle. You might find your grandma turning the rope, but also your cheating brother. It is an attraction for a virtual circus.

MEMORY is an electronic version of the board game. You have to find matching pairs of imagesas quickly as possible by using the touch-sensitive board. Players can even upload their own photographs and play with them. The producers have developed a new version MEMORY – A History odf Slovene Graphic Design.

Mirror_SPACE is a real-time communication system that projects a personal, virtual 30 mirror-image onto a screen by combining the viewer’s face with data collected simultaneously from the internet.It is an arty project, showing beautiful screen.

In this category MEMORY has been chosen as the category winner. I think I would not have made that choice as MEMORY is copyrighted by and a registed trademark of the game maker Ravensburg.

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