Thursday, March 23, 2006

Trade association for Dutch game producers

I have been rather pessimistic about the game industry in the Netherlands. But it looks like I should correct my opinion as the game producers are getting professional and organising themselves. Under the name Benelux Game Initiative (BGIN) Dutch producers of computer games start a trade association. BGIN will server the general and commercial interests of the industry by being a partner in talks with the government, international associations, investors, industry and institutes. The association will also pay attention to education and investment. Founding members of BGIN are Playlogic, Woedend! Games,and Streamline Studios in Amsterdam, Coded Illusions in Rotterdam, Zylom in Eindhoven, X-form and Utrax in Utrecht, Van der Have Media in The Hague, PMTC in Diepenbeek (Belgium) and the Foundation of Dutch Game Days (NLGD). The board consists of Alexander Fernadez (Streamline Studios), Pieter Slingerland (Coded Illusions) and Seth van der Meer (NLGD).

BGIN is open for all companies which keep themselves busy with gaming, simulation or interactive media as well as producers and supplier. Training institues and publishers are welcome.

BGIN puts that five to ten percent of the games which are developed worldwide come from the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg). The turn-over of the game industry in these three countries is three to four million euro annually; including distribution the turn over will top the billion euro milestone. The city of Utrecht is becoming the centre of the gaming industry in the Benelux.

The Utrecht dome in playful green flood light during the Game Days 2005


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