Friday, April 28, 2006

Blogonomics 06 (1)

It felt comfortable like a big hot sauna, the Blogonomics 06 at the RAI in Amsterdam yesterday. Not that I knew many of the bloggers, who gathered there, but the presentations were subjects we deal with as (professional and semi-professional) bloggers and podcasters. In total there were no less than 9 presentors in a span of 5 hours, ranging from a blog operators to a priest-podcaster, from an news editor-in-chief of the public broadcast company to a broadcast blogger, from a media entrepreneur to a politician. In the hall there were some 150+ bloggers and podcasters as well as professionally interested people from mediabureaus.

It was interesting to hear from the blogger and the podcasters in this line-up. There were of course also two company presentations, one from Microsoft about MSN and Windows Live! as well as Apple. Both company presentations were about involvement and engagement; the presentations, especially the Apple one from Bram Elderman, was quite different from the usual slick, disengaged sales talks of the box movers.

At the end of the afternoon Loïc Le Meur of SixApart, Mr Blogger Europe, came on stage. He had just been flown in, did not understand the presentations of the other speakers (as his French is great and his English okay, but his Dutch is minimal) in order to find out that almost everything had been said.

In the coming days I will dive into some presentations, as the presentators had some good data or had a good line of thinking. I will take a look at the stats presented by Paul Molenaar, CEO of Ilse Media and I will comment on the presentation of Hans Laroes the editor in chief of the News section of the public broadcast company NOS. Given my background with a theology/philosophy education and a Master of Divinity from Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, I will treat the presentation of the priest/podcaster Roderick Vonhögen. I will also pay attention to podcasting and politics as presented by Jan Marijnissen, a member of the Dutch parliament. On Monday I will compare the blog attitude of Erwin Blom of the Dutch public broadcast company VPRO and a nestor of the multimedia bloggers in the Netherlands. Monday is Labour Day (which is not celebrated in the Netherlands, but we have our Queens day on Saturday; vive la republique) and it will be a year ago that I started this blog Buziaulane., a Dutch language webblog operator, was one of the sponsors of Blogonomics 06 and claimed unavoidable attention. One blogger had an instantaneous answer to the request.


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