Monday, August 14, 2006

Dutch narrowcasting in its infancy

The Netherlands has 16.700 screens in shops. That is one of the conclusions of the narrowcasting branch organisation Popai Benelux. The screens are situated in 2880 sales points, which means a density of 5.7 screens or 4,6 percent per sales point. Dominant are screens in retail shops: 9900 screens in 1770 shops. Top of the retail shops are the phone shops (47 percent).

Only 2.7 percent of all shops in the Netherlands are supplied with Digital Instore Media. Besides the phone shops, screens can most likely be seen in the luxury shops. . Only 2 percent of the supermarkets distribute information through screens. There are still several branches which have none or hardly any screens. DIY shops, speciality shops, photo shops, home sores, garden centres and furniture shops hardly take any advantage of digital communications in their shop, stimulating trade.

Digital instore media have a great potential. It is clear from the survey that there is still a lot of potential for the providers and for the stores. In the past travel shops used video to shorten the waiting and decision time. Now retailers and manufacturers can offer support to their brand. Suppliers of digital systems can enter new branches with their products, while the small existing markets can be expanded. All in all there is enough space to expand with digital instore media.

The survey is a first inventory. Popai has chosen to narrow the survey to stores. These can easily be approached. Besides they have usually small to medium screens. However Popai left out another growing market of bus and railway stations, company receptions and presentation rooms, gas stations, cabs and even a mosk in the Netherlands. They did this probably for a good reason as they could not establish the universe of outside places; this is easier for shops than outdoor places. They probably have to shop with bill board operators for a method to make an inventory and measure the penetration.

Popai Benelux is the knowledge center for digital instore media and outdoor information distribution. Popai regularly organises workshop and conferences as well as surveys and has a national award competition.

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