Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Flash: Vision Objects and iRex Technologies partner

Press release

Vision Objects, the French provider of the industry standard in handwriting recognition and iRex Technologies BV, the leading Dutch supplier of solutions for reading written digital content, announce today the signature of a technology partnership. iRex’s E-reader called “iLiad” combines revolutionary electronic paper display and best-in-class MyScript handwriting recognition to build business to business applications.

The iLiad E-reader is a portable device that allows digital print content to be read from various sources, anywhere at any time. The iLiad is based on an innovative electronic paper display, wireless networking and touch screen technologies. This provides a comfortable reading experience, just like normal paper, digital content delivery, interactive navigation and text input. The iLiad is a flexible platform enabling the development of solutions for B2B applications in areas like document reading, form processing, education and publishing.

As part of the alliance, MyScript handwriting technology is integrated into the iLiad through MyScript Stylus, an interactive natural text input method that converts handwriting in real time into digital text. MyScript Stylus features a handwriting input panel enabling users to write naturally and to easily interact with all iLiad’s applications.

iRex Technologies also distributes MyScript Notes, Vision Objects’ stand alone handwriting recognition software as a PC add-on to the Iliad. MyScript Notes converts handwritten notes, captured with the iLiad notepad and transferred to a PC, into digital information for further use in applications such as text editors, spreadsheets and email clients.

"We are delighted that we can match the strengths of our E-reading and E-writing technology with the character recognition strengths from Vision Objects” said Willem Endhoven, VP Marketing and Business development at iRex Technologies. “For our iLiad users it will be a great experience to write on electronic paper and see the extra benefit of their writing being digitized with such accuracy and ease of use. Together we provide a full end-user benefit in writing pleasure and productivity which is also of great importance for our B2B customers.”
“This agreement marks an important milestone in a long term partnership between iRex Technologies and Vision Objects to develop mobile business to business applications integrating handwriting recognition”, says Jean-Marc Aïchoun, VP Sales & Marketing at Vision Objects.

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