Wednesday, August 30, 2006

iLiad: Nice screen, but work in progress (5)

Yesterday we were overhauling our network infrastructure. After our moving shop we had been working independently and for shared documents we used the e-mail. It is a strange way to mail your business partner next door via e-mail; of course you could also bring a memory stick next door. But getting the network lined up was one of the priorities after moving. And now we have it working, including a 250Gb back-up station.

In the network we have cables and a WiFi for the portable PC. And while we were installing the Wifi, we got the idea to configure the wireless network profiles of the iLiad. So we went through the registration routine.

In order to configure the iLiad network profiles, you have a wizard to lead you through the configuration process. Configuration is a big word, as you are asked for a file name, a wired or wireless connection and for a WEP number of your wireless. That number is a very long number to type in with the virtual keyboard. I still think that typing on a virtual keyboard with a stylus is unnatural. But it suffices for the time being. Once you have filled the number in and checked it twice, you have the choice to okay it, test the connection and annul it. Best thing is to okay it. You can also test it first, but when the connection is unsuccessful you will have to re-type the number in the next go. By okaying it first, testing it, you have an opportunity to edit the number in case of an unsuccessful attempt.

I guess that in most cases you will be unsuccessful as the device will have to be registered with the MAC number. You might experience a problem there. For the number on the label on the back (see photograph) will give you a MAC address of which only the first four figures are right. The rest you will have to find out yourself. From the registration on the router you might find the proper MAC address and register the device with that number.

The real test is then to push the connection button and wait for the software to check the connection and start the download. And it worked successfully. It downloaded version 2.6. After the download the device had to be restarted. The most obvious change is the opening page with a graphic and a load time bar (see photograph). I have not checked the version notes not the software for changes yet. I will have a look today, when I am on the plane.

I am happy that I have the wireless functionality at work, as the wired facility requires a physical effort of you: getting up, getting behind the PC, pulling out the Ethernet lead, putting it in the hub, which is at the other side of the desk due to the position of the electricity plugs in your office. I still think that this is a stupid solution, which should be replaced by a USB connection with the computer.

But the fact that wireless worked without a blemish made me very happy for that part of the device.

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