Thursday, December 04, 2008

BPN 1276 Europrix Multimedia (7): Interactive Installations

The category Interactive Installations solicits contents for new platforms and fully digitized environments with high levels of interactivity.

Amigos. Brochures and flyers may soon become a thing of the past. thanks to the technology behind amigos. Upon entering a convention, such as a trade show, the visitor receives a ticket comprising and integrated RFID-chip. Instead of amassing a pile of bulky brochures on his way round, he can simply scan his intelligent ticket at points of interest, saving useful information on the chip, and saving himself an ever-increasing load. A MultiTouch Terminal at the event enables the visitor to enter this information, by sending it to his mail account or saving it onto a mobile data-store device. Both environmentally and user friendly, this technology will literally lighten your load!

Producer: Daniel Plohnke and others
Company: südwild media gmbh
Country: Germany
URL: www.

Euphörium. Housed in a 1ft dome structure, Euphorium is an interactive audio-visual motion-based experience, in which user, visuals and sound become one. By fusing infrared technology with human gesticulation, Euphorium visually and audibly represents a diverse set of tangible energies – thermal, kinetic, mass and nuclear – in an abstract style. No external remote controls or body-mounted devices are required – emphasis is solely placed on the physical presence of the user, who becomes an integral component of his own unique experience. The dome creates an un-inhibiting environment where images are projected over the interior surface, affording the user a 180 degree field of vision, and immersing them into Euphorium’s realm of abstract reality.

Producer: Sile Brehony
Country: Ireland

Mü. Based on fairytales, is an interactive multimedia device, targeted at 5-6 year old French kindergarten children. Through individualised or group activities, this multi-touch interface is designed to facilitate the development of social behaviour, autonomy and imagination by sensitising children to music, sound and creativity. Tangible objects representing fairytale characters are place on a square table top screen, where they can be manipulated to interact in creative and game-style activities. A record of the child’s work is subsequently stored in their own personal electronic folder, which can be uploaded into the website via Wi-Fi for parental perusal. Under the watchful and encouraging eye of the teacher, is guaranteed to make learning creative and fun!

Producer: Pierre Thereon
University: Gobelin, l’école de l’image
Country: France

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