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BPN 1278 Europrix Multimedia (9): Digital Video and Animations

The category Digital Video and Animations attracts serial stories and new virtual worlds using digital technologies in innovative ways.


Gisela. “Give me the money! Hurry up!” That’s how 30-year-old Gisela Werier, factory-worker-turned-bank robber, introduced herself in a series of banks in the middle of the sixties. This animation tells the unusual story of Germany’s first female bank robber, who, after having stolen the record amount of 500.000 DM went down in history as the ’Banklady’. The exciting case is set in the computer application Photoshop, where action takes place via moving images layers. In true spoof style, the viewer is kept entertained as Gisela’s identity is disguised over and over again by layered Photoshop cut-outs. A dialog box displayed down the right-hand side of the screen keeps track of the enormity of commands required to manipulate the picture. Adobe Photoshop on speed – the story will not fail to amuse and engage.

Producer: Katja Baumann
University: Academy of Art and Design, Offenbach am Main
Country: Germany

Le Grand Content. In search of the philosophical potential of PowerPoint, Le Grand Content sets out on a mission to find the meaning of life. With a wild ’association-chain-massacre’ of pie charts, graphs and tables, some of life’s biggest questions are ironically translated into the unmistakable language of PowerPoint presentations. The result throws new and intriguing light on such profound topics as death, emotions and – hamsters. Likewise, the connection between beer and self-confidence is insightfully explored, as is the directly proportionate relationship between solitary consumption of ice-cream and intense increases in self-disgust. Le Grand Content is a subversive undertaking; it demonstrates ho systematically disorientation can take place, and how logical nonsense can seem. Despite its authoritative appearance, the well-organised presentation does not seek to be taken seriously after all; the persuasive power of the graphic deductions is precisely equal to their absurdity.

Producer: Clemens Kogler
University: Kunstuniversit├Ąt Linze
Country: Austria

Treehuggers-A Study in Immersive Animation. Welcome to the world of the Treehuggers – a green corner of the universe, where all of creation co-exists in harmony. With the appealing concept mind, the Treehuggers project explores the extent to which high degrees of immersion can be reached in the medium of animation. Stepping inside the Treehuggers Pod, an organically formed projection sphere, the viewer is completely encompassed in an ideal environment in which the immersive animation can take place. The animation itself is designed to envelop the viewers, taking them on a journey through landscapes of rich graphical content. Immersion is further enhanced through peripheral visual elements, sequential design and an engaging narrative. Why not take a break from the stress of earthly life and escape for a while to become a part of the Treehuggers wonderful world!

Producer: Gatze Zonneveld
University: Utrecht School of the Arts
Country: Netherlands

Special Jury Award

Position. The DVD Position presents a universal theme in an elegant and engaging form. The simplicity of the narrative is part of its appeal, while the polished delivery challenges the viewer to consider his/her own 'position' in relation to the issue explored. The design of the chracters and the environment is highly resolved with attention to detal that enhances the dramatic delivery. The sound design is exceptional; camera angle and timing are beautiful crafted. Position is seductive and accessible while simultaneously presenting a critique of a human behaviour, provoking a reflective response.

Producer: Ami Gvitser
University: Bezalel University of Art and Design, Jeruzalem
Country: Israel
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